If you have a group of people that you would like to help grow to have healthy relationships and positive influences on those around them, you are in the right place. You could browse all our workshops, because we can customize any of them to suit your group. You can also tell us who you are, and we will give you some ideas to get you started!

You might want your church to have opportunity for live speakers for essential workshops: personality, marriage, parenting, and values. You might also want to have leadership training to launch better facilitators or a Care Team to meet the needs of your guests and members. No matter what your needs, we are glad to see how we can help equip you and your church with healthy relationship skills.
Your Group
Is your group ready to grow? Your moms group, guys group, life group, runners’ club, etc. might want some guidance in growing healthy relationships. We offer live, professional workshops for as few as 10 people! Choose from an assortment of workshops and let us know how we can customize for your group.
Your Business
We all know healthy relationships are critical to an effective business. Your team, department or business can thrive with the guidance of our facilitated workshops in personality, emotional intelligence, boundaries, equipping for healthy relationships and more! While we come from a Christian worldview, most of our workshops can be focused on basic principles and practical tools for your business.
Professional Development
Many times coaches, counselors, managers, and directors are looking for effective ways to grow their skills. Scott Doust is a trainer of the Prepare/Enrich tools and offers certification in this area. You can look at our other workshops as an opportunity to gain great skill in how to understand personality, sin cycle, emotional intelligence, coaching through change and family of origin. Let us help grow your skills as you work with people!

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