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Welcome!  If you are participating in the Growing Deeper Study, this page is for you!  This is your resource hub with all the videos and article links you need to dig deep.  If you have any questions or need guidance, please contact us

Issue 1: How to Grow

The Two Greatest Commandments


The Wisdom Process


Article: The WISDOM Process in Marriage –

Article [PDF]: Developing a Group Covenant: A Covenant is a Road Map where we are going


Issue 2: Personality

DISC Personality

Article: What is DISC? –

Issue 3: Sin Cycle

The Sin Cycle

Negative Communication Styles

Article: Three Keys to Breaking Habitual Sin –’t-stop

Article: The Cycle of Sin: An Example of Pornography –

Issue 4: Communicate Effectively

Nonverbal Communication

Assertive Communication

Active Listening

Article: Question: Christian Communication – What are the Keys? –

Article: Being Assertive: Reduce Stress, Communicate Better –


Issue 5: Communication Intimacy

Levels of Communication




Resources: The Assertive Communication Formula Template: Using the Assertive Communication Formula

Article: Date Night Conversation Starters –

Article: Five Levels of Communication –


Issue 6: Handling Conflict

Leveling the Communication Ground

Overcoming Barriers

Article: Friendship Makes Marriages a Success –

Article: The Role of Friendship in Marriage –


Issue 7: Forgiveness

Steps of Forgiveness

Scott’s Forgiveness Story

Abigail’s Forgiveness Story

Seeking and Granting Forgiveness

Article: The How of Happiness: Learning to Forgive –

Article: Forgiveness and Restoration –


Issue 8: Conflict Dialog

Conflict Dialog

Closing Video

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