Developing Your Style

Welcome to our Developing Your Style Training! This is your A to Z training that you can do on your schedule- all at once or over a period of days or weeks.

This Training Module is packed with real life! Watch Scott and Abigail go over the assessment with a real couple, in real time. Soak in all the nuances of the assessment with a couple.  In addition, we have 11 short videos of Scott and Abigail sharing what they do to prepare to meet with a couple, why they say what they say, and “what to do when”.  This is exclusive insight from a couple who has gone over the assessment with hundreds of couples.

Process this information and apply it to yourself with our learning program. Simply print the PDF of questions and go through them for each part, identifying who you are and how you will use this assessment to fit your unique role.

When you complete the program, you get a certificate to proudly show off your accomplishment! And of course, the real satisfaction comes from making a big difference in the couples you work with each week. We believe in you!

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Get started with practical, personal help to move you forward.

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