Wisdom goes beyond what my opinion is, or what Google says about a topic.  Wisdom requires me to seek God, think and process about an issue, go outside of myself and seek thoughts from others. Abigail and I are in the final preparations for releasing a new marriage study based on the CCBT WISDOM ProcessTM. Here is a short description of how the WISDOM ProcessTM can be used in marriage. Do you seek Wisdom?

The WISDOM ProcessTM can be used in a variety of settings. Our goal is to help you to integrate it into your marriage; we hope you will begin to use it in your day-to-day relationship, decision-making and when you are confronted with difficult issues.

W – Work the issue: What is really at stake here?

Ever come to the middle of an argument and realize you both have different versions of the real issue??  So have we.  Often times when you come to a problem it can explode into many different issues. The first step is to identify the issue so you move forward and focus on it alone.

I – Investigate Scripture: What does God say?

God’s Word is our authority for life. We want to see what it has to say about the way we should handle this problem.   Scripture has a lot to say to help couples work through the issues, and we want to look at it first before we approach any tools or people.

S – Seek counsel: What do wise people say?

After studying the Scripture for ourselves, it is wise to seek the counsel of others. In this case, we will have articles and video teaching based on experts in the field and hundreds of years of study. The goal will be to teach tools and incorporate the Scripture and the wisdom of research and wise counsel into your relationship.

D – Develop your response: What do I think?

Develop your response as an individual, and then ask the question, “What do we think as a couple?”

We learn best when we actively engage. After your personal study of Scripture and research, it is time to reflect and determine your conclusions.  Then you will talk to your spouse about the issue to hear each other’s thoughts and come to a joint conclusion.

O – Openly discuss: What do we think together?

Life transformation is increased when we sharpen each other in dynamic discussion. As a small group, you will meet to connect, discuss, and challenge each other on these issues and tools.

M – Move to action: What will I/we do?

To go through this process of understanding and not make steps of change seems like a crime!  Why bother?  Each week you will have action steps–  some provided and some you make for yourself. Action can be hard, but it is absolutely worth it.  That’s when we get to see the fruit of our process.  Also, the point of Bible study is not simply knowledge, but obedience. Christ calls us to obey all He commands (Matthew 28:20). We are seeking to be more and more conformed to the image of Jesus Christ, to grow to maturity. Change takes time and prayer, but it also takes action.

Can you see the wisdom in WISDOM?

The goal- if you choose to make it your goal-  is to allow for God to change you with real, practical, Christ-centered problem-solving. It cannot be accomplished quickly.  You will need to invest time individually, with your spouse and with the group.  And it will be worth it!

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