Get Equipped to Help Others

We are glad you found us. Want to be ready for whatever God leads you to? Want to have some tools in your tool belt and be confident in your next steps with people care? Whether you want to get equipped to coach (and maybe even start a business or ministry) or get equipped to make a big impact right where you are, we are here to guide you.

Maybe you are a leader in business, lead your downline in social marketing, serve in leadership at your church, work for an organization, or just care for people wherever you go. We offer coach training, webinars, Prepare/Enrich assistance, coach support services, and coaching for leaders.

Coach Training

We offer a 16-week life coach training program to get you fully prepared to care and walk alongside others. This is a Christian program that equips and empowers you to listen well, embrace personality, lean into the Holy Spirit, ask powerful questions, and help people make real change in their lives. When you finish the requirements, you will be a Certified Professional Life Coach and confident to move forward! Read more.

Ongoing Webinars and Training

Join us in your jammies or on your lunch break to engage with us in our online training webinars. Our leadership training is authentic, practical, and purposeful so that you can impact others in a powerful way. Ready to get started? You can always check out all our past webinars and watch the replay.

Prepare/Enrich Training

If you work with couples, you need to know we are passionate about helping you increase your impact with the pre-marrieds and married couples you work with. Join us to become a P/E Facilitator and also check out our Advanced P/E Training: Developing Your Style Course to take your skills to the next level.

Coach Support Services

Want to launch your own coaching business? We help you get going with back-end support, client portal, online directory, and closed community group. Your launch just got easier. Read more.


We offer in-person and online coaching to folks who are leading and ministering to others. Want to influence your team or care for others better? We can come alongside you in your unique circumstances. Contact us to get the process started.

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