Growing Deeper

Are you ready to grow deeper in your marriage? This study offers Scripture to spur you on and the tools to equip you to make changes in your marriage habits.   This couples’ study, written by Scott and Abigail Doust, is designed for 3-10 couples.  Each week you will have homework to do individually as well as together, and then stimulating conversation at your group time.  This study follows the WISDOM Process designed by Bruce Miller and used across the world.

This is an 8-week study and can be facilitated by any small group leader. A leader guide and extra resources are provided to the leader/facilitators.

Why do the Growing Deeper study?

  • To reboot your marriage, take your skills to the next level, or just connect on a deeper level
  • To grow in your communication and ability to resolve conflict
  • To love each other better, and to lean into God both individually and as a couple
  • To be held accountable by a group of similar and caring couples, and to recognize how normal marriage struggles are
  • To enjoy a deeper, more satisfying marriage for years to come

The Growing Deeper study sessions include:

  • Personality
  • Sin Cycle
  • Assertive Communication
  • Fighting Fairly
  • Forgiveness
  • Managing Conflict (that can’t be resolved)
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Healthy Habits
  • How to Love and Set Goals

What is it like to do the Growing Deeper study?

  • For each issue, anticipate 30-45 minutes of individual study which includes watching short videos, Scripture study, and articles to read.
  • For each issue, anticipate 30-45 minutes of Couples Time, which includes exercises and discussions related to the issue of the week.
  • When you come together for the small group, leave time for food and fellowship, a hearty discussion, sharing prayer requests, and identifying action steps for the week.
  • Expect to have an authentic connection, honest sharing, and true growth. We hope you will grow in your relationship with God and with each other, all in the safety of a small group environment.

Ready to buy your workbooks? Remember to order one per person!

If you are purchasing the workbooks for a study at your church click here to order the quantity you need and arrange for payment.

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