Ordinary Leaves the Land of Familiar

I just read an awesome book that revived me for pursuing what I feel called toward. The Dream Giver, by Bruce Wilkinson, begins as a parable about Ordinary.  “Meet Ordinary, a Nobody who leaves the land of Familiar to pursue his Big Dream”.  This book connects with people who have a sense of passion for a particular path, even one that seems far off or to have many speed bumps in the pathway.  And even those who are not sure they could possibly have a dream or purpose might be inspired to see things differently after this easy read.

Does Everyone Have a Dream?

Do you believe every person on earth was born with a dream for his or her life?  Wilkinson does. He has seen it in people young and old and across the globe. Sometimes it is buried or forgotten, but everyone has one.  I hear the voices from Pretty Woman in my head (best movie ever…but I digress), “What’s your dream?  Everyone who comes to Hollywood’s got a dream”.  I would venture to say people everywhere have a dream– but certainly, those who move to Hollywood have taken a step toward theirs.

The Yuck on the Way to Your Dream

One of the realities in this book is the stages you must go through to pursue your dream.  There will be bullies who will question you or knock you down.  There will be seasons when you experience hard times. There will be a valley of Giants that make the path seem impossible.  And sometimes the bullies and giants are the people closest to you.  Read that sentence again and let it sink in.  Sometimes the people closest to us don’t see the dream or have personal motives to keep you from the dream.  It’s sad, but true so many times.

Dreams for a Great Marriage and Family

If you have a dream of a successful marriage, and others around you tell you it’s not possible, think again.  If you want to enjoy parenting, but others tell you it has severe limitations, consider your dream.  There are many dream spoilers…people who have given up on family.  Suffice it to say that we at Relationship Experts are going to be your biggest fans.  We think you can do it!  We think you can be the spouse that forgives, the parent who patiently guides, the sibling that comes up with a plan to pursue healthy relationships, or the child who honors your parents.

Dreams to Make a Difference

Whether your dream includes a career, a hobby, a relationship, a mission or an adventure, this book will better equip you for the ride.  Enjoy– and let us know about your dream.

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