Originally posted on The Family Greenhouse on January 27, 2017 by Abigail Doust

I have been experiencing residual pain that has become debilitating. A car accident from years ago combined with occupational patterns, poor posture, and bad habits has propelled me into massage appointments. In case you are imaging candles and smiles and cool drinks, please let me clarify: this is intense move-the-muscles-back-to-their-places massage that hurts 65% of the time. But it works. And I feel better. And I can FUNCTION in the ways I need to again.
It struck me in this last session that massage is a lot like coaching. Enjoy my musings on the subject by tracking with these 5 reasons they are similar.

  1. Coaching is intentional and deliberate. While coaching is unlicensed, it is anything but haphazard. And if you have a well-trained, gifted coach you will be on a great ride. My masseuse has a plan and is methodical. But he is attuned to me and what I need, and I dictate where we spend our time.
  2. Coaching hurts sometimes. If you wanted to stay the same, you would stay at home and not waste your time. You want change- but sometimes change is difficult. Evaluating yourseld and those you care about, speaking truth to each other, acknowledging old hurts, these things aren’t fun. Sometimes it feels like you’ve emptied cans and cans of worms and you’ll never get them put away again. You’ve heard is said, “no pain, no gain”. Coaching is worth the hurt like the sore muscles I am experiencing right now from my massage.
  3. Coaching requires commitment. I could go to this masseuse twice a year if I wanted to (what’s he gonna do about it?) but I wouldn’t see the results I need. I am in the circumstance of needing a few appointments closer together to stabilize me, and then I can space out my appointments as I see some healing.
  4. Coaches can see the big picture. One of the things I love about my masseuse is that he has many years of experience doing his thing. He sees the scope of problems like this and he normalizes some of my problems. He also can draw my attention to what is not normal, and cautions me to larger problems that will take a different approach. IN relationship coaching, there are commonalities and trends that our coaches see that are incredibly beneficial to our clients.
  5. Coaching moves you forward. You are stuck or not moving in the direction you want to go. You draw a line in the sand and say “I’m going to do something about this.” We don’t have the leisure of extra money for luxury items, but I know this is not luxury, This is what I need to operate effectively and be a great wife and mom. I can imagine you also want something more- freedom, forward movement, objective feedback on your pain, tools to make change, or maybe just help to get back what you’ve lost.

I encourage all of you to evaluate your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relational health and see what you need to move forward and feel better.  I can tell you coaching is like getting a massage- it hurts a little, but I’m always glad I went.

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