More Couches in More Places– what is RE all about?

We are passionate to come alongside the people of the church to meet the needs of stuck and hurting people. Our couch was a safe place for many people, and now we are committed to creating more couches in more places so that many more people can grow with each other and with God. But how did we get there? What is our story?

A Broken Couple 

In the fall of 2000 near Columbus, Ohio, we were a mess. This young, driven couple named Scott & Abigail had big dreams of going into ministry. We wanted to make a big splash for God! Instead, we were two people who had no idea how to make a relationship work. We had been married 3 years (and together 6 years) and we weren’t in love anymore. We had been busy with our careers and our hobbies and forgot (didn’t know?) to feed and nourish our marriage. If we’d had a love fern, it would’ve been long dead. We were active in our local church, leading a thriving college and career group, and faithful to worship on Sundays.

We were good at faking that we were fine, although we each were caught up in our own self-focused pursuits. Everything finally came to a head and Scott moved out, declaring he wanted a divorce. When the news finally leaked out, the church didn’t know what to do with us.

A Broken Church Response

Well, I can only presume that the church didn’t know what to do with us… because they didn’t do anything. They didn’t pursue us, or ask to talk with us. They didn’t try to intervene or stop us from divorcing. It was around Christmas time and people were probably busy. But even months afterward, when we left the church and were working on reconciling, we still didn’t hear from them. They had given up on us. It was heartbreaking.

Our Powerful God 

God was at work in healing us. He sent Godly college friends and loving family to stand in the gap. We met new friends at the new church who walked with us and modeled healthy relationships. We are forever grateful for that. Satan attempted to destroy us, and God won! And there was something born in us at that time… a desire to help the church write a new story.

So let’s be clear, a church is just a bunch of people. Churches are made of real life human beings who have fallen short, and are perhaps uncertain or at a loss for words. People who are shy and their personality types make it hard for them to speak up. People who are brash and harsh and their personality types make it hard for them to be gentle and kind with truth. Most people are just ill-equipped and untrained to deal with the messes that come their way, the hurting people who need someone to walk with them. Churches aren’t really ready for the people who come through their doors… not all of them, at least.

A Nonprofit is Born 

Fast forward 19 years and this couple has been married 22 years! We moved to Texas, Scott went to seminary, we pastored and counseled many couples. We wrote curriculum, we cried with people, we rejoiced with people, we taught workshops, we stayed up late and got up early. It wasn’t enough– we wanted to do more. We started a nonprofit to come alongside all churches and to love on our community well. It’s our turn to stand in the gap.

We desire to equip the church– the people inside the church– to be the hands and feet to people who are lonely, hurting, grieving, recovering, struggling, despairing, confused, deflated, and hungry for help. We want to help people listen to each other and resolve their conflict well. We help people forgive. Our Coach Training course equips Christians to make a difference in their church and community. Why do we do it? Because people with big dreams have seasons of being a mess, and we want the church to be there to help and for God to get the glory.

What We Do

We equip Christians to make a big impact. Check out what we do and let us know how we can help you and your community or church. As a nonprofit, we function largely on donors just like you. Give here

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