Our Story

When we were in college and nearing our wedding day, we felt like we were going to change the world. We dreamed of doing ministry in China or becoming speakers at FamilyLife conferences. We were connected to each other and a greater purpose for our lives.

We didn’t go right into ministry because of debt. We both paid for school ourselves and we didn’t have a lot of financial skills to lead the way out of it. But we had each other!

As time went on, our concerns became the career track. We both loved what we did and were very busy doing it. Before we knew it, we were living life like roommates. We had definitely lost that loving feelin’.

We wish we could erase part of our story. The part where both of us got caught up with other people. We had tossed aside our vow to love each other only “til death do us part”. Both an emotional affair and a sexual affair got in the way and drove a deep wedge between us. We experienced first-hand how tempting another person can be and how slippery the slope away from commitment is.

We tried to go to counseling and it seemed we were on a slow road to nowhere. We slept in separate rooms and went about our lives. Unfortunately, our home church in Ohio didn’t know what to do with us. A fight after a counseling session led us to the dreaded, “I don’t love you, and I don’t think I ever loved you.” We separated.

Through the intervention of friends and the incredible grace and patience of God our Father, we were able to come back together.

We started spending time together. We chaperoned a high school trip to London and saw how big and old the world is. It was beginning to be fun to be together.

We shared ideas and dreams again. We sat on our deck and listened to each other’s goals and feelings. We stopped doing some of the activities that kept us apart too much or prevented us from our goals. And then we started a new adventure with a new job in Texas. Our fresh start also brought us to the chapter of kids. We had our first child on the 10-year anniversary of our first date. Nope, we couldn’t plan that. But we could reminisce and realize how far we had come in a decade.

Two years later after moving to Texas (and with a 1-year old by our side), we surrendered much of what we had for Scott to go to Dallas Theological Seminary. Our home church, Christ Fellowship of McKinney, supported us and loved us through it. In the 6 years “we” spent in school we had 3 more children and Scott had 3 back surgeries.

In 2011, Scott graduated with a Masters in Theology and all 4 of our daughters celebrated with us. We describe that chapter like coal that is pressed and becomes diamonds. It was hard, but totally worth it.

Now we are living our dream (and most notably following God’s plan) to equip relationships and coach others to do the same. In 2014, we became certified life coaches through Christian Coach Institute. We combined our passion for relationships with our love for facilitating and created original workshops for individuals, couples and families. In 2016, we created a training program for people to become certified coaches. We love equipping others to impact relationships! Now we build into people all over the world who are doing ministry vocationally or as a volunteer. It is our desire to use skills we learn, tools we create, and of course our personal experience in life and ministry to train others and help people who desire to grow.

And may HE get the glory.

Scott and Abigail

Let’s Start Discussing How You’ll Help Relationships Today.

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