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It’s not fun to talk about, but we have first-hand experience of not being cared for by a
church. OK, fine, we have a lot of up-close examples that have shaped us. The first and
most notable experience came when we were only married 3 years and it became
obvious our marriage was in distress. (You can read more about our story here.) {Josh
that page would be copied from this page, which isn’t showing images for me today.
https://www.relationship-experts.org/learn-more/our-story/ } We were leading a large
college and career ministry at the time, and the church didn’t know what to do with us.
They didn’t walk alongside us, or challenge us, or listen and encourage. They kind of
dropped us. Unfortunately, this is not unique to us! The church is made up of
people—just plain ol’, sinful people. And unless people are trained in how to have
awkward conversations and ask powerful questions… some of us just avoid them.
Churches need help equipping the saints for this kind of hard work. Our personal
experience of 12 years pastoring crossed over with 8 years of coaching relationships
has helped us understand the needs of the local church, and maybe even the things the
church needs that they don’t know they need!
You might want to check our theology, and we welcome that. Also feel free to call
because we are always glad to talk theology! (hyperlink to a page with what we believe.
Copy from our current website: https://www.relationship-experts.org/learn-more/what-

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