Coaching for Coaches

As you help relationships, we are here to help you. We coach the coaches, mentors, pastors, counselors, and volunteers who are helping people. After working with hundreds of couples, families, siblings, parent-child relationships, and so much more, we know that coaching is complicated. And coaching a couple or a family is even different yet. And we are here to help you!

The first session is always free.

Welcome to a Discovery Session!
Try us out to make sure we are a fit. We will discover what your struggles are, and see if we can help. You can discover who we are, and whether or not we are a good fit for you. The first step is to determine if you want an individual or a couple to help you move forward.

Individual Coaching
This is one coach moving you forward.

*This option is best suited for pastors, counselors and individual coaches who want to grow in relationship work.


Couples’ Coaching
This is two coaches (a married couple) coaching you forward.

*This option is best suited for marriage coaches, marriage mentors, pastors and wives, and couples who do family work together. Coaching people WITH someone is a completely different experience.

Fill out the contact form below if you need to talk more before scheduling a free Discovery Session.

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