Ministering and equipping for many years

Scott and Abigail have been married more than 20 years and are raising their four daughters. They currently lead Relationship Experts, a nonprofit in McKinney, Texas that offers coaching, workshops, training, and resources to grow strong relationships. Seeing the need to further train and equip those who counsel, pastor, coach, and care for others, they have developed many online training opportunities. They are passionate about helping more people have God-honoring relationships and a relationship with Him.

Their college achievements have been part of their preparation to train, with a mash-up of Education, Pastoring, Communications and Directing/Managing. Scott was also a Manager at the national level when he was in business. After that, he was on church staff for 12 years, overseeing adult ministries, care, marriage, and parenting as well as small groups. Abigail taught high school and college level theater courses, ran a theater department, and took that theatrical base to the equipping realm for adults. Scott and Abigail were ministering to marriages and relationships together when God led them to take a leap of faith to make relationship work their primary focus. They developed an organization (originally called The Family Greenhouse) under their church’s ministries for 2 years and then launched as a separate 501c3 in March 2015. Their church, Christ Fellowship in McKinney, commissioned them to minister to relationships inside and outside of churches and across the globe.

Together they build workshops and courses that consider learning styles and practical needs and move people forward to grow their confidence and competence in caring for others. Scott and Abigail speak together as well as separately for varied audiences including organizations, schools, businesses, and churches. They speak on personality, marriage, communication, conflict resolution, forgiveness, men’s and women’s issues, parenting, stress, goal setting and more. They consider it a joy and privilege to spur people on in understanding how they were created and how to grow their relationships.

Let’s Start Discussing How You’ll Help Relationships Today.

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